Uneven stitches, uneven feed

Use stronger thread.


IMPORTANT: Match needle size to thread size and weight of fabric.

Please Note:

  • In general, fine threads and needles are used for sewing fine fabrics, and thicker threads are used for sewing heavy fabrics.
  • Always test thread and needle size on a small piece of fabric which will be used for actual sewing.
  • Use the same thread for needle and bobbin.
  • Use the stabilizer material for fine or stretchy fabrics, and select the correct presser foot.
  • The upper thread tension must be set at 2-3 when sewing the lightweight fabrics, like silk and jersey etc.

Rethread the bobbin case and insert correctly.

Important: Turn power switch to off ("O")!

spule einlegen a

When inserting or removing the bobbin, the needle must be fully raised.

1. Open the hinged cover.

2. Pull the bobbin case tab (A) and remove the bobbin case. Hold the bobbin case with one hand.

spule einlegen b

3. Insert the bobbin (3) so that the thread runs in a clockwise direction (arrow).

4. Pull the thread into the slit and under the tension spring.

spule einlegen c

5. Hold the bobbin case between the index finger and thumb on the bobbin case tab (A).

6. Insert it into the shuttle race.

Do not pull on the fabric. It must be automatically moved by the machine.

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