Seams gather or pucker

Use a finer needle.

Matching the needle, fabric and thread


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Important: Match needle size to thread size and weight of fabric.

Please Note:

  • In general, fine threads and needles are used for sewing fine fabrics, and thicker threads are used for sewing heavy fabrics.
  • Always test thread and needle size on a small piece of fabric which will be used for actual sewing.
  • Use the same thread for needle and bobbin.
  • Use the stabilizer material for fine or stretchy fabrics, and select the correct presser foot.
  • The upper thread tension must be set at 2-3 when sewing the lightweight fabrics, like silk and jersey etc.

Check the thread tension.

Thread tension
SNMD33A1 Fadenspannung 1

Upper thread tension (A)

Basic upper thread tension setting: "AUTO"
To increase the tension, turn the dial to the next higher number. To reduce the tension, turn the dial to the next lower number.
1. Normal thread tension
2. Upper thread tension too loose
3. Upper thread tension too tight

SNMD33A1 Fadenspannung 2

Lower thread tension (B)

Note: DThe bobbin tension is adjusted correctly during manufacturing, therefore no changes are necessary.

To test the bobbin thread tension, the full bobbin is placed in the bobbin case. The bobbin case and gripper are then suspended by the end of the thread. If the tension is correct, the thread will unwind by about 5 to 10 cm. when gently swung and will then remain suspended. If the full bobbin case unwinds, the tension is too slack. If the tension is too tight, it hardly unwinds or does not unwind at all. To adjust, use the small screwdriver.

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